Tuesday, 18 January 2011

You know you're an addict when ...

Today was the first bright blue sky day in what seems like ages ... and it was calling me out to play! Was able to organize my work to leave just after lunchtime and out to play I went! I am so grateful that I have flexibility with work that I can do that. Even though I knew I had lots of things I could be doing for work ... getting out for a bike ride seemed like the thing I really, really needed to do! Or, perhaps it was like an addict needing a fix ... putting exercise over work?!?

Exercise is such a great stress reliever ... so it was like medicine to me! Called up a biking buddy to see if he was free and he was ... so off we went on a leisurely, and flat, ride ... for 2 hours! What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. Definitely felt better after!

Then, as it is Tuesday today, and Tuesday is gym day for me ... I decided to stop by the gym on my way home for a quick workout. Funny how I'm trying to get into a routine of exercise, and getting back to the gym is part of that ... so felt I had to go. The guys at the gym thought I was slightly mad for having done a two-hour bike ride before coming to the gym ... moi, mad ... non!

At least I only focused on upper body weights and did lots of stretching ... all beneficial after a bike ride!! Also, doing the bike ride and the gym might count for two lots of exercise and it's 'in the bank' for tomorrow as not sure when I'll squeeze a run in! Is that allowed?!? ;)

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