Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Short run, short blog ...

Today I literally squeezed a short run in between things. Definitely like the out and back runs along the seafront rather than around the park. No variety, little of interest to see ... basically boring! As I didn't set a time for how long I was going to run for, and I wanted to stay close to home, I just went around, and around, and around the park. In the end, stayed out for just under 30 minutes.

As I was going to a mind/body workshop for marathon runners, kinda felt I had to get my run in beforehand! Running was more important that eating a proper meal ... so I just chomped on a bar and slugged back some juice while driving to the workshop. Not a great example of balanced and healthy nutrition for an athlete!!


  1. Mind/body workshop for marathon runners sounds intriguing!

  2. The workshop covered the mind/mental aspect of running and then the body aspect.

    We touched on motivation (particularly through those long runs), building confidence (to go the distance) and managing nerves. Learnt some cool skills!

    Then the body aspect touched on core strength and went through a series of exercises. Ouch!

  3. I used to be a runner but it wasn't a interest for me at the time. It was just something that I did. I was the skinniest kid, but always packed the biggest punch in performance and weights. Maybe that's why none of the jocks ever messed around with me. Ha ha! Well, there are tons of ways for people to learn about the necessary nutrition for an athlete but not a lot of people seem to actually take them seriously. It works for almost everybody so start taking your eating habits seriously people!