Friday, 28 January 2011

Shifting the focus

Well ... I'm definitely on the mend and feeling better. Better being a relative term here ... as I am better than yesterday! As it was bright and sunny today, and I was getting cabin fever, I went for a walk along the seafront. Walked about 3 miles ... and it was great to get out and get some fresh air in the lungs ... even though I was still hacking and wheezing!! I am however longing to put on my running shoes and get out for a run!

Rather than looking at this enforced lay-off negatively (and I was kinda negative yesterday!), let me take this opportunity to publicly say some of the positives that this cold has provided me ...
  • I appreciate that it is JUST a cold, abeit a bad one! It could be worst or more serious that seriously stopped me in my tracks ... so I am grateful it is only a cold!
  • I've got lots of rest ... which my body obviously was in need of.
  • I've caught up on my emails ... always a bonus to feel on top of the emails and caught up with my reading!
  • I've eaten super healthy ... well, that is when I've felt well enough to eat!
  • I've given some serious consideration to what my training routine will be like in February which will be sustainable, balanced and focused ... and get me in shape for some triathlons this summer. I will however be talking to a trainer for their expert opinion next week!!
OK, just needed to shift the focus!! Feel better for it!!


  1. I love the way you just turned that around on it's head! Glad you're feeling better too... all good, all round... almost! :-)

  2. Glad you're feeling more positive today.

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better today, Midgie. Listening to your body can be so frustrating, but you'll be back fitter, stronger, better as a result. The walk in the sea breeze sounds very healing!

  4. If ive got the energy i always like to go out and stretch my legs.

    I hate emails, and working in IT I end up get about 50 odd a day, this week has been a nightmare and I think I was getting about 100 a day!

    Glad your feeling better.. Keep eating well.. Starve a fever, feed a cold :)

  5. My gran always used to say that sea air and whisky would cure everything. You've had the sea air....

    Hope you really do feel better.