Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pretty clean ride today ...

Met up with the Brighton Explorers again today for an off-road bike ride. Was out for just over 3 hours (so kinda makes up for my 30 second effort yesterday!) and it was actually quite pleasant. Not much mud (which was a relief!) however ground was soft so it was hard going. Or, maybe I was just tired from such a monumental effort yesterday!!

With three weeks of Sunday bike rides with the group, I'm actually feeling stronger and more 'bike fit' ... plus, added bonus, I actually felt part of the group today rather than trailing behind most of the time. I am having passing concerns about missing next week with the group and wondering whether I'll 'fall behind' or 'lose my fitness' ... might need to organize a ride for Friday so I can at least get out for a decent ride.

I did however come off my bike in a rather spectacular manner as I was doing a U-turn to say hi to someone I knew. I was on the ground at this person's feet ... very uncool!! Knocked my knee on the bike and I'm hobbling a bit now ... should be interesting in the morning for my planned early run!! Where's a pea-pack when you need one!!


  1. Ouch! Hope you found a pea pack in the end.

  2. Despite your fall, it sounds as though you're improving on the bike every time you ride... that's gotta be motivating... also hope a pea pack materialised in your freezer... that sounds exactly like something I would do!!

  3. Ps... Chad is more than happy to take you out on your run tomorrow... he looks exactly like in the picture!

  4. Oof. Ouch. Hope your knee is OK today. Good news on getting more "bike fit", though :)