Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Easy run ... not!

I was feeling kinda tired at the end of my day (I'm so much more a morning person!!) and thought I'd drag myself out for an easy run. I did struggle with thinking up excuses not to run ... but none that were really any good when I actually thought about them!

So out the door I went for a slow gentle run. Didn't even take my music as I wanted to keep the pace slow (hmm ... might need to take a look at AudioFuel's music for easier paced runs!). Planed to do about 30 minutes of easy slow running. Well ... best made plans and all ... didn't do it.

Did I tell you I was going out for an easy run at a slow gentle pace?!?

Well, got to the seafront (10 minute warm up) and decided I'd do a few intervals to let off some steam from something that happened on the way home from work. Used the lamp posts as my measured distances and did two lamp posts fast for every one slow. Just did over 10 minutes and then a gentle jog home. So ... there was SOME easy, slow, gentle running in there! And, I did do the 30-minute run!

Now ... will put my feet up as I brush up on my Spanish for my class tomorrow!


  1. Buena (is that right?)! Go you! Sometimes you just have to go with it. We listen to our bodies when they want to go slow; so why not listen why they want to go fast?!

  2. Nice idea with the lamp posts! I know the feeling about going out to hit the pavement to release some stress from work.

    Ive got the audiofuel for interval - deffo recomend it!

  3. Wow! You've made me feel like I want to run fast now just reading about what you did... I'm actually hoping we do intervals tomorrow at club and I never wish for things like that!