Friday, 21 January 2011

Into the rhythm

Had a fabulous hour long run today into the setting sun. It was one of those days that everything just clicked and I was perfectly into the rhythm of the music ... and it felt amazing! I probably could have gone on longer, had I not things to get back home for ... like picking up my bike that's just been repaired (or rather had some much needed and much serious overhaul done to it!)

Perhaps because I had a pretty relaxed day, puttered around and wanted to get out to enjoy more sunshine that I was already mentally 'in the zone' for a chilled run. So, with some great tunes on I felt like I was perfectly in sync to the beat every step of the way. It was easy, it was relaxed and it was perfection! Now that's what I call addictive ... that feel good feeling you get from those amazing runs!!

p.s. went swimming this morning to try out my new winter wetsuit ... and you know what ... it did make a difference! Now, if you consider getting into 4.7C water and being able to know whether something made a difference or not ... it did!! Actually, anything under 5C we can tell the difference for ever tenth of a degree drop!! Hands and feet were like heavy lumps of weights that I couldn't move after the 5+ minutes, even with gloves and boots on, however, body was warm!!


  1. Oooooh... your run sounds fantastic... they're the best aren't they, when everything just feels right and you remember exactly why it is you love running. :-)

    As far as the wetsuit goes, I'm completely taking your word on the matter... I think I'll stay away from ever testing wetsuit theory out in anything less than a heated swimming pool!! :-)

  2. Great running Midgie, swimming too all you needed to complete the set was your bike repaired and you would have perfomed a triathlon!

  3. Swimming.. I told you before you must be mad to get out there in this weather! As Maggiee said I'll take your word for it!

    I love days like that when everything clicks and you forget you actually out running and everything is easy.

    Well done!

  4. I love the idea of swimming outside but I don't think I could handle the cold in this weather. I really admire you for it.