Thursday, 6 January 2011

Busy day ... does yoga count?!?

Well I've just literally stopped and now have my feet up. Had a crazy busy day ... not intense, just busy and non-stop, and I've only got home now at 10pm! Needless to say that the idea of going for a run at 10pm really doesn't interest me! Remember, I'm a morning person and I do prefer exercising early in the morning as it sets me up for a fine day ahead. Mind you, the few evenings runs I've done has been a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

So for my exercise today, I've done 30 minutes yoga / stretching! Although not miles on the feet or in the saddle, or even minutes in the sea ... it was still some form of moving the body! Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

I know all about 'scheduling time in the diary' and making exercise a priority, however, today just wasn't one of those days!  I guess I could have gotten up earlier than my 6:30 alarm and gone out for a short run. However the duvet monster kept me warmly tucked in bed!

Tomorrow is Friday, and I'm off ... yeah!! So plan to go for a bike ride, plus my first personal training session at Riptide gym. Back at the gym after a very long absence ... should be interesting!


  1. I feel your pain! Getting home late at 10pm you definately dont want to go out running!

    Day off tomorrow! Alright for some! Enjoy the day and work hard on that saddle!

  2. yoga counts! You have to contort yourself into all sorts of ridiculous, and impossible, positions... it definitely counts!

    I've a couple of days next week with late meetings that are causing me to think I'm going to have to pre-empt my 6.30am alarm... hmmmm this is going to need some more thought!