Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Had to do something

Although Janathon has come and gone, it definitely felt weird to do nothing ... even if I am still getting over a bad cold! So ... had to do something, anything ... so went to the gym. As I'm just getting back to the gym and regular weight training since the beginning of January, I was somewhat afraid of 'losing it'. Losing my form and my strength that I've just recently gained!

I know, I know ... a week off weights won't kill me ... well, physically at least! However, I was itching to get back to my 'moving meditation' ... and it felt GREAT!!!

Maybe do a bit of a bike tomorrow just to keep the legs turning ...

I really do need a focused training plan to keep me ... well, focused!! Definitely prefer input from someone else (coach / trainer) on what to do and when to keep me on a balanced and sustainable schedule! Will be talking to someone tomorrow and see how that goes!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yesterday's run

Just wanted to confirm that I did indeed run for the last day of the Janathon. Had a technical problem with computer yesterday which is now sorted!!

Did a nice easy 30 minute jog! Seeing as I'd been unwell for a few days, being able to run again was a great feeling ... and as I was running I was wondering what February will bring!

More running, more biking, more swimming (didn't do alot of that in January ... brrrr!!!) and more gym. Well, maybe not more of everything as not sure what 'more' I could do seeing as I did exercise almost every day!! For me, the pendulum will come back somewhere in the center, in the more balanced area where I'll come up with some sort of training schedule that is nurturing and restorative to the body (that's what I need at the moment ... says she, still with the tail end of the cold hanging on!!!) yet still active.

I will look forward to continuing to blog regularly (not sure about every day though?!?) and to encouraging others in their training! Let's keep the momentum and encouragement going from Janathon into February and beyond!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Held myself back

What a gorgeous day today ... certainly a day to be 'out and about' (said with a Canadian accent)!

Was actually feeling human today after this cold and was chomping at the bit to get out there. However, as I did not want to overdo things, I actually help myself back from doing more! Do you ever get like that when you want to do more, yet do not because you know it will not do you any good?

I started the day with a bit of a bike ride ... which was an easy two-hour ride along the coast road. Even though it was a relatively 'easy' ride, I was still huffing and puffing up those hills ... or rather, wheezing and spluttering ... but I did it! I wanted to go out for longer, however figured my first real day back exercising, that was enough!

Then, as it was so nice, I walked into town, met up with a friend and puttered along the seafront for a few hours just to drink in the sun! Now off to dinner to have a drink of another kind ... namely a bit of wine me thinks!!

So ... what are we all going to do after the Janathon finishes?!? Keep on posting and keep on encouraging each other?!? Or, simply wait to Junathon? Anyone started to think about withdrawal symptoms?!?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Went to the Cirque

Decided I'd 'try out the body' to see how it would cope with a very light and very easy gentle jog this morning ... and managed ok! Did 20 minutes at a very light, easy, gentle pace.

I did not want to overstretch myself because I was heading up to London to see the Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall and I knew it was going to be a long day. 

The show could not be called a circus in the 'normal' sense of the word ... it is however a circus of acrobatics, artistry, acrobatics, music, acrobatics and spectacular costumes. Did I mention that there was some acrobatics ... I feel like I had a workout just watching it!!!

My friends and I walked out of the 2.5 hour show feeling dazed ... in a good way. It was so spectacular, incredible and awe-inspiring. The sheer physicality of some of the acts is mind-boggling, the feats of strength, flexibility and precision is mind-boggling and even the music and costumes is ... you guessed it ... mind-boggling!! There were times when it literally took my breath away ... or times when I was holding my breath wondering how they were doing what they were doing!

The Cirque comes to the Royal Albert Hall every year in January, and sometimes does other shows around the UK and Europe. If you have an opportunity to go, GO!

p.s. fired me up to get back into my exercise again ... even if I won't be like one of the female performers with 'an eight-pack'!!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Shifting the focus

Well ... I'm definitely on the mend and feeling better. Better being a relative term here ... as I am better than yesterday! As it was bright and sunny today, and I was getting cabin fever, I went for a walk along the seafront. Walked about 3 miles ... and it was great to get out and get some fresh air in the lungs ... even though I was still hacking and wheezing!! I am however longing to put on my running shoes and get out for a run!

Rather than looking at this enforced lay-off negatively (and I was kinda negative yesterday!), let me take this opportunity to publicly say some of the positives that this cold has provided me ...
  • I appreciate that it is JUST a cold, abeit a bad one! It could be worst or more serious that seriously stopped me in my tracks ... so I am grateful it is only a cold!
  • I've got lots of rest ... which my body obviously was in need of.
  • I've caught up on my emails ... always a bonus to feel on top of the emails and caught up with my reading!
  • I've eaten super healthy ... well, that is when I've felt well enough to eat!
  • I've given some serious consideration to what my training routine will be like in February which will be sustainable, balanced and focused ... and get me in shape for some triathlons this summer. I will however be talking to a trainer for their expert opinion next week!!
OK, just needed to shift the focus!! Feel better for it!!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I could make something up

But I won't!

My exercise today consisted of a 10 meter radius shuffle ... from bedroom, to kitchen, to bathroom and to living room ... didn't leave the house at all! Body definitely was saying it didn't want to play today and I really did have to listen to it, rather than testing it out with a bit of a walk. Mind you, a bit of a walk in the fresh air might have done my lungs some good!

Between the exercise I've been doing this past month (and I have had some hard / long sessions!) and other 'major stuff' that is going on, I'm not surprised by body is saying it doesn't want to play. Need to think of a different strategy for February ... hmm!!

Tomorrow is another day! Let's leave it at that ... as am not amused!! Dr Midgie definitely doesn't make a good patient, nor is she patient!!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Body says ... not sure about this

Went to the gym for a gentle workout ... just to get my body moving a bit and it was tough. Not that I had a tough workout, it was my body saying that it was tough and didn't have the energy or strength to do what I normally do. So, had to lighten all my weights and reduce the reps!

The idea of going for a run or doing any cardio was out of the question ... had a tough enough time with a tight chest as it was, without putting strain on it from a run!!

I know it's the same psychology as with an injury ... you have to go with what your body is able to do, yet when I'm actually in the situation, it's tough.

The mind is willing, the body is not ... at the moment! Grrr!!!

So ... let's move swiftly on and know that I'll be better tomorrow!