Saturday, 15 January 2011

Aaaand ... duck!

Well, made it into the sea today for the first time since Christmas Day and guess what ... the sea's warmed up to a balmy 5C!! After struggling into my wetsuit (ok, so I'm a wuss compared to the other swimmers who are only in their speedos!) I was seriously wondering whether I'd put on that much weight over the holiday season. But I couldn't have ... particularly with all this exercise I'm getting with the Janathon! Another swimmer very kindly suggested it was simply the suit that had shrunk due to not being worn regularly! Thanks Holly!!

Once in the suit, I then had no excuse to not go into the water! Looking rather hesitantly at the sea, which wasn't as rough as last weekend (everyone is still talking about the guy that went into the water after his dog last weekend and didn't make it out) however we decided we'd venture out! The waves were rolling in rather fiercely and we had to duck under the waves not to get tumbled in what we call 'the washing machine'.  Imagine yourself in a washing machine while it's washing and spinning around, and you'll get the picture! We sometimes only just had time to catch our breath before another wave was about to hit. Stayed in for about 10 minutes more just playing than actual serious swimming!

Oh ... and I did the parkrun this morning. It's Saturday of course, so where else would I be at 9am?!? Now wait for this one ... I lopped off 30s from last week's time ... my watch was 24m58s! Not sure how that happened other than I was listening to a new AudioFuel CD which was just a shade slower in beats/minute so I decided to see if I could stretch my legs / have a longer stride length. Also, a friend happened to be out and at one point running beside me. Now, he's a fast runner so I wanted to try and keep up. To my surprise, he dropped off and I called to him to keep up and stick together as I wanted to see how long I could stick with him.  Well, to my surprise I didn't see him until the end. Sorry Ant ... I can't resist boasting a bit ... me beating you at running!!! Maybe it's because he's used to being behind the camera at running events these days!

Also, to add to today's exercise total is the 6 miles there and back to swimming.

So, all in all, a very active day for me. Now it's time to catch up with some work and rest before tomorrow's big bike ride with the Brighton Explorers.


  1. Did I read that right... You went into the sea? Surely not! If you did your mad!

  2. does this mean I have to now get fit ? well run today janathon is obviously paying good dividends. I'm aiming for sub 20 5k's this year - no idea if that is realistic - see you on the other side (when I've lost the lard from the past three years!). Happy to challenge you to a 110m hurdles any time instead xx

  3. Pb's are awesome. Well done you for breaking the 25 min barrier.

  4. Wow! The sea! That's incrediably brave! It's too cold for me even in the summer!!

    Congratulations on your pb, hope you enjoy your bike ride today x

  5. Yes, Martyn, there is a certain madness with going into the sea in this weather ... however it is certainly exciting and makes me feel ALIVE!

    Ant ... regarding your challenge to do 1100m hurdles ... I think I'll pass ... hats off to you! I wouldn't make it over the first hurdle, let alone around 1100m on a track (when you are back to racing fitness!!)

    Thanks also for the congrats on the PB ... feels great. As I'm just getting back into running shape, and my previous PB several years ago for a 5K was 23m30s ... I'm not sure a sub-20m is in me. I might actually have to train for that ... and I'm just out there to have fun!

  6. just 110 not 1100 !!! that's a steeplechase!