Saturday, 22 January 2011

Finished in 30 seconds!

OK, so now it's official ... I am certifiable mad! Today's exercise was the shortest ever ... about 30 seconds ... however I'm counting as my day's exercise!

So, today being Saturday ... where was I am 9am?!? No ... not at the usual parkrun ... I was at Tooting Bec Lido for the World Cold Water Championships. The water was ... wait for this one ... a balmy 3.5C ... so colder than the coldest sea I've been in with the wetsuit (whether that's the new winter wetsuit or not!!)

Before you say I'm mad ... I was in very good company with over 400 'competitors'. They obviously didn't take themselves that seriously as the biggest category in the competition was the fancy hat category. You had to make up some sort of head gear and swim with it ... very amusing. Also amusing was some of the swimwear attire ranging from clowns to a man wearing something like a 'man sock' over his manhood more suitable to the bedroom than the public pool! We were told ... 'women, avert your gaze' and of course all eyes were then focused on him!!

Was just up to support my swimming mates from the Brighton Swimming Club, however, brought my bathing suit ... just in case! Well, I didn't get convinced to race ... I did however get convinced to go for a dip! Ok, so I did a width of the pool, which was 33m, which took roughly 30s!

Here is the photo as proof ...

After that photo was taken, then found out that Holly (my official photographer) didn't get a photo of me in the water ... so ... I had to jump back in to prove that I was actually in the water rather than parading around in my bathing suit! Here I am ... back in the water again ... BRRRR!!!!

However ... Maggie ... this one's for you ... those pesky squirrels get everywhere ... even in the water! Well ... this was post-swim ... and it was a real squirrel (at one time!) ... so it's not just against runners, it's also against swimmers!


  1. Vvvvvvv. My teeth are chatering just thinking abut it!

  2. 30 seconds midge is that all! did you not know your body warms up the longer you stay in?! Jason )

  3. Hahaha nice squirrel hat! 30 seconds in the freezing cold pool might as well be counted as more than my 3 mile run... given the choice I'd be pavement plodding every single time! Well done.

  4. LOL! quality hat!

  5. Agggghhhhh!!! Brilliant! I love it!!!! That is the BEST hat ever! Those pesky squirrels really do get everywhere!!

    WELL DONE! on the 30sec swim! Crikey! And I have to say, just because there were 400 other people there... doesn't mean you're not all mad!!! Though, as I've always said, there's nothing wrong with being mad! :-)