Thursday, 27 January 2011

I could make something up

But I won't!

My exercise today consisted of a 10 meter radius shuffle ... from bedroom, to kitchen, to bathroom and to living room ... didn't leave the house at all! Body definitely was saying it didn't want to play today and I really did have to listen to it, rather than testing it out with a bit of a walk. Mind you, a bit of a walk in the fresh air might have done my lungs some good!

Between the exercise I've been doing this past month (and I have had some hard / long sessions!) and other 'major stuff' that is going on, I'm not surprised by body is saying it doesn't want to play. Need to think of a different strategy for February ... hmm!!

Tomorrow is another day! Let's leave it at that ... as am not amused!! Dr Midgie definitely doesn't make a good patient, nor is she patient!!


  1. Get well soon, Hope that Feb's a better month for you

  2. oh rubbish!

    Get well soon...

    Rest is the bst recovery plan!

  3. Get well soon... Maybe February should be a rest month... we could call is feburest... I like the sound of that muchly! :-)

  4. Oh Maggiee ... I do like that idea ... Feburest!

    However kinda difficult if gearing up for an early triathlon, or like yourself, an April marathon!!