Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Body says ... not sure about this

Went to the gym for a gentle workout ... just to get my body moving a bit and it was tough. Not that I had a tough workout, it was my body saying that it was tough and didn't have the energy or strength to do what I normally do. So, had to lighten all my weights and reduce the reps!

The idea of going for a run or doing any cardio was out of the question ... had a tough enough time with a tight chest as it was, without putting strain on it from a run!!

I know it's the same psychology as with an injury ... you have to go with what your body is able to do, yet when I'm actually in the situation, it's tough.

The mind is willing, the body is not ... at the moment! Grrr!!!

So ... let's move swiftly on and know that I'll be better tomorrow!


  1. There must be something about day 26. Seems like lots of us are struggling. Only 5 days left though!

  2. Well done on getting out to the gym, Dont rush back to the gym tho if your not fully fit as it will make you worse!

    Get lots of fluids on board and keep that training to a minimum!

    (sorry for the dad speech!)

  3. Snap me too mind is willing body saying slow down, we're nearly there, 5 more sessions till a rest, well done

  4. Hope day 27 is better for you