Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Walking was all I could manage!

Today I'm definitely feeling better than yesterday ... however still not good enough for a run. I'm sure the morning working from home at a leisurely pace did me good before heading out mid-day and being 'out and about' most of the afternoon.

I did however manage to walk from one thing to the next and covered about 4 miles in all ... so am counting that as today's exercise!

As part of my running around today, I had a sports therapy / massage treatment with Lily at Studio 57. With the increase in exercise recently ... the Janathon might have something to do with it ... and remembering I'm just getting back into exercise after a very length time away ... I had a few niggles. Not surprising!! So spent an hour trying out different exercises using a foam roller to do at home, and Lily did a neck/shoulder massage ... bliss!!

They also do gait analysis through StrideUK which I might explore if I get back into some serious running again with some serious distances! Worth the investment if I then avoid the niggles at a later stage!!


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Four miles is not bad either, even if it is walking

  2. Walking counts, I'm happy that you are better than yesterday, take it easy and get well soon

  3. Glad to hear you're feeling better all the time. Is the foam roller any good? I've been thinking of getting one, particularly to use on my tight IT band and calf muscles for a while.

  4. Good news your feeling better.

    My wife is a sports massage therapist so im lucky to have that treatment at home!


    Lucky me!

  5. She's just shouted to say the foam roller is very good!