Saturday, 8 January 2011

Lessons learnt ...

Did the parkrun 5K this morning. With legs feeling heavy, feeling like I had a chesty cough, I couldn't get into my stride or into the rhythm ... even focusing on the beat of the music wasn't working for me ... initially! Then, about 15 minutes into the run, I started getting more into the flow and by 20 minutes was definitely flowing!

Even though I was thinking that it wasn't going well, I stopped my watch at 25m30s ... which is 15s faster than last week. And last week was my first parkrun in years!!! So, was I pushing it harder today or not? Did the bike ride yesterday have anything to do with my heavy legs? Or, perhaps it was the intro session at the gym and doing some weights for the first time in ... oh, years! Don't have those answers!!

However, I did learn some lessons. Lessons learnt ... make sure I get out of bed more than 15 minutes before I'm out the door and running to the start (rolling out of bed, into running gear and out the door is not a good start!), make sure I do at least 10 minutes of easy jogging before the start and finally, make sure I do some stretching!!

Was going to follow that up with a dip in the sea (not really considered exercise at this time of year!) however it was too rough to get in so we all very sensibly went to the coffee shop instead!


  1. Nothing like being late to get the adrenaline going - maybe that was the secret! Well done on a new best time :) Good shout on the coffee vs sea decision.

  2. The sea... are you mad! Its cold enough getting into the pool at this time of year!!!!

    I was to lazy to go out this morning so Ive just come back from a run after a day shopping with the wife.. Great stuff!

  3. Indeed, a bit of adrenaline definitely gets me going ... however I definitely needed a warm up before the actual 'race'!! Loosens me up, and gets me into the zone!!

    Yes, the sea, Marts2smooth! Now there's where you get an adrenaline rush!! So, does shopping count as exercise then?!?

  4. Blimey! DEFINITELY the right decision! Good work on the park run pb!

  5. Yes maggiee, definitely the right decision. Particularly considering when later in the day, when the water was not as rough (!!!), someone was swept out.

    I heard he went in after their dog and couldn't get back out! Needless to say in the current water temperatures, you would not last very long. Rather 'sobering' seeing the end of the rescue.

    As I walked home, I was counting all my blessings and thinking of all the things I'm grateful for in my life!