Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mud, mud and more mud ....

Went mountain biking with the Brighton Explorers today which turned into a 4 hour hard ride!! With the bright blue skies ... it was simply great to be out on the Downs! However, 4 hours!?! Yikes!!

As I have been out either by myself or with Nick, I've tended to go ... at my own pace! Funny that ... taking it easy, stopping for breaks, admiring the views. Although it's been a good effort with hill climbs and such, it was a stroll in the park compared to today!

With all the rain we've recently had, and the snow, the ground was soft and there was mud ... everywhere ... and it was tough!! The climbs were putting me to the test and at times, my wheels were so caked up with mud that they were not even turning. Try walking your bike when the wheels don't turn ... fun!! One particular hilly and muddy bit, by the time I was at the top, I had a serious sense of humour loss. However was comforted by the fact that even the more experienced cyclists had found it tough! Then, on a steep, slippy downhill bit, they were all amazed I'd gotten down without falling off or stopping. I was however gritting my teeth and eye were wide with fear .... eeeeeeh!

The group was good about the fact that I was the one at the back of the group, and they were always waiting for me ... appreciating that it was my first time out with the group. However, I felt woefully out of shape and legs were like jello with no strength or power to them by the end!

Needless to say, that I'm lounging now comfortably on the sofa, compression tights on under my comfy trousers and have eaten a lovely sunday lunch. I imagine that an early night for me will be had!! (Says she, nodding as she types!!)

I do appreciate however that for the first time out with some serious riders for a serious ride, I did alright! And, I'll be back next weekend for another ride ... with repeated practice, I will have to get better ... mustn't I?!? Maybe I'll just stick to running ... it's so much easier!!


  1. Sounds incredibly tough, well done!

  2. Thanks guys ... appreciate the support and encouragement!!

    I have it from a very reliable source that the riders that were out yesterday were quite fast and quite serious. They ride twice a week at night (even now on cold, wet windy nights!) on the Downs yet they know that on Sunday rides, it's supposed to be an easier one. Or rather, members of all abilities come out on Sunday so they have to be patient!

    They were extremely patient with me, and not once did I feel people were grumbling because they were hanging about for me. However, I have been warned to stay from rides lead by certain riders!