Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Feeling the beat

Got up early this morning as reckoned it would be the only chance I got to do some exercise today and went out for a run.

Extremely surprisingly, I had an amazing 45-minute run in the rain at 6:30am! Very little warm up, straight out of bed and out the door! I put the music on and just let it carry me away ... and carry away it did. I was surprised how easy it felt and how I was spot on to the beat of the music all the way.

Very cool when everything just flows easily and effortlessly!

Gotta run now ... well, run between meetings if that count's as exercise today!


  1. I love it when that happens. Sometimes the ones you don't really want to do turn out to be the best ones :)

  2. I wish I had got up early and went out this morning! My run tonight was a killer in the wind and rain!

    Maybe Friday..?