Thursday, 13 January 2011

Social, not serious!

After a busy day, actually a busy week, I really didn't feel like putting on those running shoes and heading out the door ... yet head out the door I did. I actually convinced two friends to come run with me and they kept me company. A bit of social catch up and a bit of running is definitely good for the soul!

Out for 30 minutes at an easy pace. With the wind on our backs and the crashing waves in our ears, we sailed along the seafront. However, when we turned around to come back ... that was a different story ... wind in our faces and rain on our faces! We had been so busy nattering away on the way out that we didn't realize how much harder it would be on the way back. Doable, but just surprising!!

The run was followed by a nice warn hearty soup ... hmmm!

So what will tomorrow bring ... might do a bit of biking, a bit of gym or maybe dancing in heels. Does dancing in heels count as exercise?!?


  1. I hate those realisations! When I go down the Swansea sea front its a easy run out, but the run home is a killer and adds on about 4 mins on the way back. Im planning to do it Saturday... :(

    Im not sure about the dancing in heels.. I havent done it myself!

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  3. Nothing like a good energising winter - warmer home made soup at the end of it... It is still January, you know...! haha
    Thank you for your encouragement, looking forward to many more x

  4. I had a similar run to that on Monday, but the other way round! Dancing in heels must definitely count... and way more than dancing in flats!! :-)

  5. Dancing in heels definitely counts. Just wish I had the energy after all the running!