Tuesday, 4 January 2011

First run on first day back at work ...

I have to admit that I've enjoyed these past few days where I can go out and exercise any time I've wanted to. Even though I have some flexibility with my work, on the first day back from Christmas holiday ... attendance was 'mandatory'! This meant that any exercise would be done late in the day, and in the dark!

Even though I got home mid-afternoon in daylight, I ended up going for a run in the dark! WHY I ask myself?!? Don't have a good answer for that one ... so let's move swiftly along!!

Did an hour's run ... so about 6-plus miles. Again, it was at a good steady pace thanks to AudioFuel's music! I do have to admit though ... rather sheepishly ... that I stopped at the 40-minute mark to sign up for that gym membership at Riptide gym that I've been generously offered! Thanks Matt! I'm determined to use the gym regularly and defy all those 'New Year's Resolutioners' who generally last less than a month before giving up. My 'problem' is fitting the gym sessions in with the swims, the bike rides and the runs!! Yet, now with the janathon competition, I've got more incentive to get exercising each and every day ... for at least January!

I do think it's time to 'get a schedule' and get more focused with what I do and when I do it, rather than the rather 'laissez-faire' approach I've been doing lately! Doing the Blenheim Tri in June will provide a good focus to get focused!

I can give myself a pat on the back for the exercise today ... but what do I do about the bottle of wine and pizza I had at dinner with a friend!?!


  1. Enjoy it, you earned it :)

    Must admit I mainly use the gym in winter when it's hard to get outside to run. But since one of my resolutions is more cross-training, I'm planning on improving that!

  2. Thanks Sheri, that makes me feel sooo much better that I've earnt the wine and pizza! Yeah right!!! However, in all seriousness, I do not indulge in that much wine and pizza that often so I don't really feel that bad!

    My plan with the gym is to focus on basic core and strength exercises that will help with my triathlons!

    So ... watch this space!

  3. I'm sure occasional wine and pizza is permissible...

  4. I am thinking about attending the Blenhiem Tri to!

    Well done on the hard session in the dark! Roll on the lighter evenings.

    keep up the hard work!


  5. Hi Marts2smooth,
    The Blenheim Tri is amazing. I've been going for several years now - as a participant and supporter and always love it. The venue is spectacular, the course is beautiful yet enough of a challenge and of course the people are amazing!

    Definitely worth a go ... so get going and sign up!

    See you there.