Thursday, 20 January 2011

Being 'in the zone' ...

Went to the gym again today and did my 'moving meditation' ... am really loving getting back into the weights and getting focused on the exercises and on the muscles and on the form and on the technique.

It's a different 'zone' than from running. When I run, I do not think of much sometimes while other times I'm thinking of the 101-things swirling around my head. I can get into the zone when the body seems to just flow easily and effortlessly ... usually after about 20 minutes. I can almost feel the 'clunk' when I move into the zone which is like a physical release with a big sigh ... aaaahhhh!!

Yet, when I'm doing weights ... I do get into the zone, it's just a different zone. As I'm focusing on each exercise, each muscle group, which muscles I'm engaging and which muscles I'm engaging when I'm not supposed to be (I try and cheat sometimes to make the exercise easier!) ... it's as if nothing else exists in the world. It's a very chilled place ... and all the stresses and hassles outside are forgotten for a while. Aaaahhhh!!

Mind you, I did finish off with 'foam rollering' to help release the myofascial tissue in the legs (the tissue surrounding the muscles) and it hurt! It's like getting a sports massage, but your doing it to yourself as you roll your legs over a giant foam noodle! I was definitely NOT in the zone for that .... brought tears to my eyes. Me thinks some body work might be in order to get those knots out and rebalance things!! It will be interesting to run tomorrow and see how it feels!!

p.s. got my new winter wetsuit today so am excited to go try it out. Woo hoo!!

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