Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Gym today ...

Had a super busy day today and only now getting time to blog. Wanted to get out for a bit on the bike today (and to get it cleaned up after Sunday's mud fest!) however ran out of time and went to the gym instead. Today was my first session 'on my own', after my introductory session on Friday. I say 'on my own' as it's been a few years since I've been into a gym, however I have to admit I was a former 'gym junkie'!

It was great being back in the gym ... doing weights is like meditation for me. I know, that sounds a bit weird, however I really get into a 'zone' and although I don't get many insights in life and the universe, I do come out feeling amazing! After years of gym work, I'm remembering how to simply focus on the muscle group I'm working, on the form and technique of the particular exercise and my breathing. For me, I can easily get 'into the zone' where everything flows easily and effortlessly.

Well, maybe not so easily and effortlessly today and my body was re-awakening itself to the exercise and the movement! My body did protest at times and wondered what was going on!!

Although not clocking up the miles running or biking, it was still great and definitely going to become a regular part of my exercise routine!


  1. I do miss the gym work outs but we dont have any decent gyms by us. We do have chav ones that have roiders in just working on there arms which puts me off attending :(

    Get out and clean that bike today otherise you'll have to scrub it off with a chizzle.. :)

  2. Hi Marts2smooth, I know, I know ... I'm cringing at the thought the all that mud is still on my bike and my first chance to get it cleaned will be tomorrow late afternoon!