Monday, 17 January 2011

Getting others running ...

Went out on a gentle jog after work and hooked up with a friend, Neil, who is just getting back into running. We ran together for 30 minutes, then adding the 6 minutes to get to his place, I ran a total of 42 minutes ... so not bad for an easy day's run!

It was really great for me to share the run with him as I'm known as a bit of a fitness freak within our circle of friends and even though everyone does their own thing exercise-wise, I'm still viewed as the 'freak'!

Right now, Neil is really motivated to get out at least three times in the week as he already has his sights on the London Marathon in 2012. He is starting to get into the habit of running so when his training starts, he'll already be into the swing of things! Running together is helping him get out and get motivated.

Me being me ... I chatted with him for the whole run extolling the virtues of running (or exercising) and how great it makes you feel. Mind you ... I'm preaching to the converted here as many Janathoners are becoming Janaholics of running/exercising and blogging! How many of us might be viewed as 'fitness freaks' just by the mere fact that we've committed ourselves to run/exercise every day in January simply to take part in a competition?!? We're normal, just look around us!!!

Now ... coming back to where I started ... I do love positively influencing others to get into exercise, into running or  even try their hand at triathlon! It's cool to share the excitement, the feel good factor and all the great benefits it gives us. Even if running is not their thing, it's still great to get others into some form of exercise ... or at least a bit more than what they were previously doing! Definitely a great end to the day!


  1. Its always good to run with a partner, I do miss it the other days of the week when im on my own.

    We all must be freaks then as I love the exercise bug, Im addicted to it!

  2. I'm a freak and proud of it! I know what you mean about extolling the virtues of it to others as well... I'll rave at anyone who'll listen about why I love running so much... but maybe that's because I myself am one of the converted! :-)