Sunday, 16 January 2011

Avoiding going 'over the edge'

Went out biking today with the Brighton Explorers for a much gentler ride than last week ... and what a relief! Today's ride was a three-hour ride, compared to last week's four, and the route Sarah took us on  wasn't so muddy or hard. It was also at a somewhat easier pace and I even got to chat with everyone! Talking last week was a limited possibility!

The ride was not without it's exciting bits. Imagine this ... you're riding up a good steep hill, at your lowest gear, and the wind is pushing you sideways. We were at times literally an angle rather than upright ... and I'm not talking about the angle facing upwards! There was one tricky bit where we were fighting against the wind and if you let yourself get pushed, you'll go over the edge and down a severe drop. It make me light-headed just thinking of the drop!! Definitely didn't want to go 'over the edge' so just kept my focus on where I did want to go, rather than where I did not! Just a 'little' scary!

Although I was tired by the end of the ride, I still felt good and am not hobbling around! Bonus!!

I do have to mention something about last week's ride though ...  I have now found out even more tidbits of details about last week's riders ... some of them are serious competitive mountain bikers! So, quel surpris ... I was at the back and struggling! Forget about the fact that it was my first time out with the group and that the route and mud was horrendous, they were simply out of my league. Saying that, there is a general rule on the sunday rides that they are for everyone so I never felt that they resented my being there ... which is cool!

Looking forward to next week's ride! Definitely believe it's improving my running!


  1. You know next weeks ride is going to be a killer.. Im sure you lungs will be burning after the easy session today!

  2. crikey! they sound like a good group, and well done on fighting that wind! I think Martyn's right, be well prepared for next week's!! :-)

  3. Thanks guys for the encouragement and positive thoughts for next week's ride! ;) I'll be mentally prepared for a hard ride then!!