Sunday, 19 December 2010

Wow ... did an hour's run!

Well, after going for a dip in the sea for about 10 minutes in 4.7C temperatures (brrr!), I decided I needed to get more of an exercise fix so went out for a long run. Now, coming from a marathon background and not having done much running in the past two years due to a bad cycling accident, recently getting back into running has been fantastic!

I've been slowly building up the time on my feet and today I was going to hit my first 'milestone goal' of running continuously for an hour. And ... I did it!! I'm surprised that I was able to sustain a good steady pace, and that with the help of listening to music by AudioFuel (music put together specifically for runners for timed distances, such an an hour!)

Looking forward to more great runs to more great music!

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