Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Snow, ice and mud ...

Well, got out on the bike yesterday to clear the cobwebs from the excess of food and drink on xmas day (and boxing day!). Wanted to go out for a gentle ride on the Downs, as I had not been on my bike for a month. Well ... gentle it was not!!

Started out with a strong headwind along the coast road heading from Brighton to Telescombe Cliffs, then, because I wanted to do at least one long hill, I started up the Cliffs. Of course ... rather than turning around and coming back after I'd done the hill, I carried on. Usually, the route I took takes me just over two hours. Well, yesterday ... it was more like 3.5hrs!!

I was surprised that there was still snow and ice which made for interesting riding to say the least! At one point, I was fish-tailing along a path expecting to skid off my bike. I did come off the bike more times that I care to admit and that was due mostly to the mud. At one point, my wheels were caked in so much mud that they were not even turning!! Oh what fun!

Actually, it was fun! I came home tired, covered in mud almost literally head to toe, yet pleased with myself for getting out there. Plus, I did feel much better for having gone out there and done something!

What to do today ... run or just stay in where it's nice and warm ... ?!?

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