Friday, 31 December 2010

Technical difficulties ...

Headed out for an easy ride on the bike today ... to make up for the (unexpected) excesses of last night. Even though I wasn't really motivated to go, I dragged myself out!

However, ended up about 10 miles from home and a broken front derailer cable. So, I couldn't change gears from one big ring to the next. That's fine if you don't have any hills ... however, where was I?!? Out on the Downs ... so it's ALL hills!!

Needless to say, I came down the hill to the coast road and limped homeward, with gears grinding!  Went to three different bike shops and imagine when I found them closed. Of all things ... on new year's eve!!

So ... guess it will running for me for the next few days!! Well ... it is the Janathon and it is supposed to be running every day!!

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