Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Had to do something

Although Janathon has come and gone, it definitely felt weird to do nothing ... even if I am still getting over a bad cold! So ... had to do something, anything ... so went to the gym. As I'm just getting back to the gym and regular weight training since the beginning of January, I was somewhat afraid of 'losing it'. Losing my form and my strength that I've just recently gained!

I know, I know ... a week off weights won't kill me ... well, physically at least! However, I was itching to get back to my 'moving meditation' ... and it felt GREAT!!!

Maybe do a bit of a bike tomorrow just to keep the legs turning ...

I really do need a focused training plan to keep me ... well, focused!! Definitely prefer input from someone else (coach / trainer) on what to do and when to keep me on a balanced and sustainable schedule! Will be talking to someone tomorrow and see how that goes!


  1. It is wierd to do nothing, isn't it. I was up this morning for a run before work - even earlier than I'd been getting up some mornings in Janathon.

  2. Yes it feels werid doing nothing!

    Make sure that colds fully gone until you comitt to full training again, otherwise you'll be back to square one!