Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Yesterday's run

Just wanted to confirm that I did indeed run for the last day of the Janathon. Had a technical problem with computer yesterday which is now sorted!!

Did a nice easy 30 minute jog! Seeing as I'd been unwell for a few days, being able to run again was a great feeling ... and as I was running I was wondering what February will bring!

More running, more biking, more swimming (didn't do alot of that in January ... brrrr!!!) and more gym. Well, maybe not more of everything as not sure what 'more' I could do seeing as I did exercise almost every day!! For me, the pendulum will come back somewhere in the center, in the more balanced area where I'll come up with some sort of training schedule that is nurturing and restorative to the body (that's what I need at the moment ... says she, still with the tail end of the cold hanging on!!!) yet still active.

I will look forward to continuing to blog regularly (not sure about every day though?!?) and to encouraging others in their training! Let's keep the momentum and encouragement going from Janathon into February and beyond!


  1. I agree! Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement over January. I started on my Marathon only-no Janathon training today... I'm definitely resting tommorrow! Here's to staying fit, active... and balanced!! :-)

  2. I agree, Well done for getting out. I plan to blog weekly and keep a regular eye on the blogs that I follow

  3. I definitely agree about not letting the momentum and encouragement just disappear. I'll be continuing to read blogs but will blog much less frequently - about once a week!